2018 in Review

To grow a base of loyal and satisfied customers often requires striking a balance between what attracted customers in the first place and the introduction of innovations to solidify that base and appeal to prospective customers.

In 2018 Shouldice Designer Stone remained true to its historical (since 1947) philosophy of setting the industry standard for Quality, Service and Innovation. This formula for success has and continues to serve us well as we meet the needs of our customers for both residential and architectural stone products.

New Products
Architects, contractors, masons, designers and others in the construction industry are always on the lookout for ways, new or existing, to differentiate their work and impress their customers/clients.

Shouldice, in 2018, introduced new products that help to satisfy that need.

Smith Stone is a great response to the demand for a residential stone product that can be confidently used in both contemporary and traditional applications. Smith Stone features variable vertical and horizonal dimensions and corners on every unit. With a surface less rugged than traditional raw stone but with sufficient texture to convey personality, character and depth, Smith Stone meets the exacting requirements of those looking for something, traditional, something modern or something in between.

Architectural Precast Concrete pier caps were introduced this year in response to significant demand. This superior quality product is competitively priced and integrates with our full masonry line. A rain drip is included, and custom sizes are available.

Colour Blends
Playing it safe is often just that – safe. However, stepping outside of that comfort zone can very often produce a great outcome that is just not possible when playing strictly within traditional rules. No risk, no reward.

During the past year we were privileged to be part of several projects that featured the imaginative use of colour blends. The image below is a great example.

It is notably daring by blending 85% Estate Stone Wiarton with 15% Norton and then adding a skirt of our MJ Saratoga Brick in Norton. Stunning result. The black doors and window frames, together with tasteful and complementary window and door surrounds, contribute the details that complete the picture of an inviting home.

Stone Trends
Stone Trends was conceived as an upscale and aspirational publication that reflected the latest in contemporary design, particularly as it applies to stone. This was expressed by the obvious physical quality of the piece itself as well as superior imagery and minimalist language. Reader appreciated both the economic and especially psychological value associated with the depicted projects.

Watch for a new edition in 2019.

This has been a mere glimpse of just a few highlights from 2018. We have more in store for 2019 as we continue our quest for superior Quality, Service and Innovation.