2019 Highlights

2019 has been another great year for Shouldice! We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to our customers, staff and vendors, all of whom contribute significantly to our progress and success. From the many highlights of 2019, we have selected the four below we think are of particular interest and merit. We hope you agree. Enjoy!

Stone Trends
The third annual edition of our popular Stone Trends publication was a big hit with readers. Stone Trends is intended to provide a brief, yet appealing overview of architectural design and construction trends with a particular emphasis on stone. The 2019 issue covered a range of topics including how stone fits so well into contemporary design, the popularity of black and white and the strength and value of stone in the corporate environment.

Estate Stone Polar
The old dog is full of new tricks. Estate Stone has been a trusted and reliable “go-to” staple for many designers, architects and builders for decades. In 2019, Polar was introduced as the 10th Estate Stone colour. This was a complementary follow up to the previously introduced Roberval. Both these colours led the way in meeting the consumer demand for the powerful impact white can have in both residential and architectural design, either as a stand-alone feature or in conjunction with other colours and/or building materials.

Feature Project
Of the many 2019 projects from which to choose, here is one of our very favourites. This is an educational institution (Bernie Custis Secondary School in Hamilton, ON) with real style. Aside from the obvious exception of windows, the façade is entirely stone – a blend of Shouldice Architectural Stone in Pearl White and Colby. Visually, this combination of white and black is stunning and irresistibly inviting, as it contributes significantly to a contemporary, clean lines expression that will retain its appeal and appreciation for decades into the future.

We have always taken great pride in our annual catalogue. It is an opportunity for us to demonstrate to consumers and the trade alike that Shouldice product quality, beauty, styles, and colour range have no peer. The 2019 edition was no exception. From beginning to end the viewer is met with page after page that demonstrates the beauty and versatility of Shouldice stone products from traditional, rugged designs reminiscent of a respected past that never goes out of style to the very latest in contemporary designs featuring trendy, cubilinear dimensions and black and white contrast. You can download the catalogue here.

There is much more to see and learn about Shouldice Designer Stone. Please visit our website, that is a breeze to navigate, or give us a call at 800.265.3174.