2020 Highlights

December is upon us. What a challenging year it has been for everyone. We are especially thankful to our loyal customers and steadfast employees for sticking with us as we all worked diligently to meet the demands of this difficult time.

Our custom each year is to look back upon the past months and select several things that occurred that we think are highlights of the year. Things we may be particularly proud of or things that made life easier for our customers or just things that we think are interesting. Following are four such items for your review.


Imagining what something may look like is one thing but to actually see the final result is a definite experience upgrade.

The Shouldice Designer Stone Product Visualizer was introduced in October. This innovative online feature lets you try out all of our products on your project or sample projects from the comfort of your home. With Quickview you can upload a photo of your home and experiment with any number of stone possibilities or choose from a selection of 20 home design photos that we provide online. There is also a Proview version for a more realistic rendering.

Stone Trends

The fourth annual Stone Trends was released in August. The intention of Stone Trends has been to provide both industry professionals and consumers alike with a brief insight into what is happening or anticipated in the masonry business, particularly as it relates to products and design.

The 2020 edition of Stone Trends continued the tradition of featuring the latest and greatest. Features included Evolution in Masonry, Smith Stone (a new Shouldice product), and Corporate Influence – how the business, government and institutional sectors optimize the use of stone. Also included was the latest information about Fusion Stone our thin stone veneer product, and an amazing Residential Feature Project highlighting how our stone more than meets the demands of contemporary design.

Social Channels

If you find yourself struggling with inspiration the Shouldice Instagram page is for you. You can check out our products and view projects that may be just the thing you are looking for. You can even interact with us, leave comments and have your product and/or project questions answered. Click here for our Instagram page.

For more information about the Shouldice Designer Stone business you need to spend a little time on our LinkedIn page. You will learn about our history, where we are located, what we believe in and lots more. You can even access our blogs from our LinkedIn page.

Feature Project

Last but certainly far from least we would like to share one of our favourite projects with you.

This beautiful home has been enveloped almost head to toe in Estate Stone Wiarton. Wiarton exhibits shades of light to deep slate grey, just right for contemporary applications with glass and black accents. The classic ruggedness of Estate Stone in this large home provides just the right statement of longevity in a contemporary construction. The inclusion of a large black roof and black window trim are the perfect choices to partner with Estate Stone Wiarton.

We hope you enjoyed this brief look at some of the highlights of 2020. It is a good reminder to us all that despite challenging times there are still things to celebrate. Here’s to a bright and prosperous 2021.

For more about Shouldice Designer Stone please visit our website at www.shouldice.ca.