Choosing durable exteriors for long-lasting luxury

Deciding what material to use on the exterior of your home is a personal decision not to be taken lightly. The right choice will make your house stand out, look attractive, and last for decades to come.

While there are many options available to homeowners and builders for exterior materials, such as wood siding, shakes and shingles, metal siding, vinyl, brick, and so on, many of these options do not last as long, have as low maintenance, or retain the quality that a stone exterior does. It all comes down to durability, with the bonus of a long-lasting luxurious look.

Protection from the elements

Stone materials, such as stone veneer are very resistant to weather conditions, which makes them a top choice today. As we continue to experience more extreme weather —heavy rains, dumps of snow, freezing temperatures, and soaring record heat — stone veneer exteriors are up for the job of protecting your family. Stone veneer is water resistant and will not swell, crack, or warp in fluctuating temperatures. It offers resistance to more than just water too, as it’s less porous than wood —meaning stone exteriors are also fireproof!

Keep the warm warm, and keep the cool cool

Another bonus to using traditional masonry on the exterior of your home is that it’s a great insulator since it has a high thermal resistance. When the temperature outside is cold, the stone exterior helps hold the warmth inside and less energy is consumed, whether the heating source is from a furnace, fireplace, or woodstove. Likewise, when the temperature heats up in the summer, the stone veneer continues to act like an insulator, keeping out heat and allowing any cooling devices to do their job, creating a comfortable living temperature within your walls.


Beyond standing up to everyday wear and tear, a stone veneer exterior on your home, cottage, shed, garage, or patio, simply does its part by looking great. It can dramatically boost the appearance of your home while giving you peace of mind that your house is intact, safe, comfortable, and even friendly to the environment because stone veneer comes from natural materials.

Versatile Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is an option that provides durability against elements and fluctuating temperatures, and has all the benefits of beautiful stone, but it all comes with a lower price tag. Extra protection comes from a unique Shouldice Designer Stone water barrier and moisture repellent and there is also a lifetime guarantee on all products. We stand behind our products in a big way.

Our most popular residential stone series, Estate Stone, offers ten versatile colours to suit your style, including Roberval, Wiarton, and Slate. Our distinct Shale Stone exterior also offers a striking impression and blends well with all natural surroundings and comes in several colours, including Hudson, Sedona, and Tundra. These products are timeless, create bold looks for passersby, and have all the benefits of helping craft a warm, dry and comfortable home on the inside as well.

Check out our product pages for more information about Estate Stone or Shale Stone to see how these styles might look on the exterior of your own home!