Company History

Success in business doesn’t often come from a simple formula but rather from the coming together of a number of varied components over time. Shouldice Designer Stone is certainly an example of this.

The company began in 1947 when the founder, Bev Shouldice, identified a need to automate what was then a slow and inefficient process for making only 200 concrete blocks a day to support his construction business. This evolved in the early 80’s by Bev’s son Rob Shouldice. His idea was to offer wall stone, to a market that was filled with natural stone, for a fraction of the cost. In about 1990 Shouldice introduced value added architectural units to encompass both the residential and commercial markets.

2006 marked a significant innovation with the introduction of Fusion Stone which emulated the current product mix with easy installation directed to skilled trades, rather than skilled masons, with a mechanically fastened wall stone.

Today, Shouldice continues to remain current by evolving and refining its processes and products, supported by R&D, for a demanding, every changing market. While specific processes remain trade secrets, they continue to significantly contribute to speed to market with new and unseen products that have left the market reeling and playing catch up.

This strategy is further supported by the fact that Shouldice has remained in family hands which has allowed for the nimble response required to act quickly and efficiently to get products to market in a timely fashion.

Family orientation also instilled the ethic of hard work from the school of hard knocks. Active family member participation and leadership has contributed to a comprehensive understanding of concrete which has aided in both product and process development. The third generation has perpetuated the hands on philosophy by listening to the market and responding with quality products for the market to savour.

Finally, a significant contributor to the success of Shouldice Designer Stone is its philosophy of “our handshake is our word and our word is our bond”.