Feature Project – Contemporary Sophistication

There’s something magnetic about white. Its brilliance and cleanliness draws one in. Its power leaves little to the imagination yet is consistently satisfying. The truth of this is borne out in the images of our feature project. Although other materials obviously are an important part of this home few would argue this is anything other than a white house.

The principle white stone is Shouldice Designer Stone’s 16″ x 24″ architectural Tapestry in Ultra White. Tapestry offers the sophistication, elegance, and contemporary appeal of a flat, smooth surface not to mention a dominating impact. This is especially evident when, in Ultra White, it is paired with dark grey and black as is the case on our example. The dark grey of the roof and black of the window frames and garage doors give the Tapestry Ultra White a life of its own.

Other aspects of this property that are particularly relevant to its modern appeal include the many rectilinear windows in a variety of sizes both horizontal and vertical. Note especially the main vertical immediately to the right of the entryway and the windows over the garage doors. All very contemporary and totally in keeping with the modernity of Tapestry Ultra White.

The beauty and appeal of this large property is rounded out with its large and simply landscaped green space and the broad driveway with its gentle curve and white border that carries the impact of the Ultra White on the home right to the street.

Whether white lives in your imagination or not, Shouldice Designer Stone has a wide range of Architectural, Residential and Accessory products in many colours to satisfy your every design desire. All come with a lifetime warranty. Please visit the website at www.shouldicedesig.staging.wpengine.com or call 800.265.3174 for more information.