Convenience and efficiency: A look at our accessories, packaging, and labeling (Part one of two)

In the fashion business the primary item, be it a suit or a dress, tends to get the focus of attention. One might argue that this is completely reasonable and no surprise. However, it can often be the accessory items that contribute the special touch of character and personality. The accessories can bring it all together into a finely coordinated and finished product. And let’s not play down the importance of the packaging we receive them in.

The same notion applies in architectural design. The accessories can transform something beautiful into a unique and truly stunning result. Shouldice Designer Stone manufactures a comprehensive line of accessory products that can be creatively and skillfully applied to dramatically enhance virtually any design. We put the same thought and effort into the Packaging and Labeling of these products, with an emphasis on convenience for the customer.

Great care and thought is taken with respect to our Packaging and Labelling process to ensure not only the safety of our Accessory products but also ease of use. Once we receive the measurements for the opening (e.g., door or window), a drawing is created with each piece identified by a code. These pieces are custom manufactured specifically for that opening. They are then packaged on a skid that includes the required hardware and installation drawings – offering everything you need to bring these creative accents to life. This is the most efficient and accurate way to ensure high quality and effective installation. No cutting or modifications are required on site.

Keep your eyes out for Part Two of this two-part feature on our Accessories, Packaging, and Labeling. Coming soon you’ll find further product info on our Accessories offering to round out your work, and our unique and efficient Packaging & Labeling process.

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