Convenience and efficiency: A look at our accessories, packaging, and labeling (Part two of two)

In Part One of our Accessories, Packaging, and Labeling feature series, we observed the many benefits that the use of accessories brings to architectural design. The unique, custom, and efficient qualities of our packaging & labeling process were discussed as well, giving insight into the ease of use we aim to provide to our customers receiving product. Be sure to read Part One if you haven’t yet had the chance, we’ll be furthering the discussion here in Part Two!

Shouldice accessories are particularly effective because they can be coordinated with the company’s extensive line of stone products. This provides for a wide range of choice when selecting an accessory that is just right for a particular Shouldice stone or stone blend design. You can choose not only from multiple accessory products but there is also the ability to match or contrast colours.

Accessory items to choose from include Gem Stones, Corner Stones, Sills, Window Surrounds and Keystones, all in multiple styles. You can further personalize your design with Stencil Stones. There is also a range of Precast accessory products to consider.

We know how important it is to keep momentum flowing when at work on projects. From an efficiency perspective, packaging and labeling can take place overnight. Our industry-leading fulfilment times have been something you can rely on, even in these unprecedented times. For high-volume projects and larger orders, we package the Headers, Candles and Keystones on individual skids. Installation in these instances may require some cutting.

With custom-manufactured pieces, it only makes sense that the accompanying drawings, packaging, and labeling be customized to your project as well. Our process looks to make this is as seamless as possible in the way that you receive our products.

Shouldice Designer Stone takes great pride in its over 70-year history of Quality, Service and Innovation. This is the case with our primary lines of stone products, their professional packaging and labeling system, and no less so with our Accessory items that will uniquely enrich any residential or architectural project.

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