Coordinating Simple Exterior Ideas To Boost Curb Appeal

If you’re in the market to invest in your new home and want to make the best impression on your new neighbours, putting some thought behind the curb appeal of your home counts. There are some great and relatively inexpensive ways to coordinate the look of your home so it has a balanced and customized look that will be sure to make your home pop and maybe even turn some heads.

Colours – simple rules for success

Select an eye-catching colour scheme for your home by matching like or complementary colour combinations across the various parts of your house. The field colour is the main colour of your home and will be what you then complement with a fresh colour on the trim around doors and windows, and an accent colour too, like on the front door and maybe the garage. Choosing colours for your house can be an intimidating exercise, so you can always consult with your painting contractor to help decide what would best match with the style of your house.

Landscaping – trees, shrubs and flowers

To add to the well-thought-out look of your home, consider landscaping and adding plants – trees, shrubs, box planters or flowers – that match the colours of the build. A blue spruce tree will grow with you and your family and would complement a house with colour schemes in the greys, whites, blues or even with a grey stone veneer. Adding a Japanese Maple would look great with a red, orange or yellow colour scheme or accents. A red Japanese Maple, or another bright tree or shrub could also act as the accent colour itself to coordinate with a home designed in monochrome, or one covered in stone with a main field colour like a grey, a rust or another earth tone. Have a look at Shouldice Designer Stone’s portfolio to see a variety of different stone veneer looks that could work with the vision for your build.

Stone veneer, rocks and pebbles

Yet another way to create a sense of togetherness on your property for eye-catching curb appeal is to lean into stone. Building your home using stone veneer on the whole exterior or just a portion of it can add a gloriously classy look. Shouldice Designer Stone’s Shale Stone is a great option for your home. A creative landscaper could add a flagstone walkway, a rock garden or any number of huge landscaping boulders alongside your stone walls to adorn the yard and give the whole property a neat and coordinated appearance. Shale Stone has the added benefit of using a rounded rocky surface to add depth, and a variety of colour options including Hudson, Sedona and Slate that would add to a distinct look to your property.

Odds, ends and mailboxes

There are any number of other elements you can add to your property to create a distinct and coordinated look. Various yard decorations like a birdbath, a mailbox, a bench, or a swing or hammock can add a splash of colour or help to finish off a look. Make a concerted effort to consider the whole picture before construction begins to make sure you understand the style you are aiming for – and if you’re stuck, always consider hiring a stylist to ensure your vision comes to life in the way you see it.

Check out Shouldice Designer Stone stone veneers to see if any of these products would work in coordinating a unique and special look for your home.