Custom Colours – Endless Possibilities

Shouldice Designer Stone currently offers nine fantastic and highly popular colours. But sometimes, a standard colour isn’t quite what a customer has in mind or just what a particular project requires.

Not to worry. We have that covered.

Besides a selection of custom colours to choose from we can also create a colour to match exactly what your vision may be.

The following examples are just a sampling of how custom colours and blends can be put to fabulous effect both as the leading focus of a structure’s design but also as a highly effective accompaniment to other building materials.

First up is an excellent example of how the application of a common stone profile, in this case Tapestry, in three colours can contribute dimension, character and nuance to what could have been a fairly standard façade. A little imagination goes a long way!

Our second example demonstrates exceptional vision as it not only uses a custom Shouldice colour but does it in two profiles – Rock-Stone and Tapestry. The designer of this bank façade then takes things even further by contrasting our stone and colour with a smooth surface white and grey material. The final effect is that of a contemporary look strongly supported by traditional stone. What more could a bank ask for?

Our next project is about as contemporary as it can get. It is a definitive demonstration of how stone can fit into the modern scene with ease. The four large window surrounds are Shouldice Tapestry stone in a custom colour. It is impossible to dispute how well this stone and colour complement the primarily glass façade of this building.

Our final image is nothing short of stunning. This Rock-Stone creation in a primarily custom green colour is not soon to be forgotten. It is an undeniable departure from the standard stone church but keeps you looking back again and again. Makes you want to see what’s inside. Mission accomplished.

So, as you have seen, there is no end to the possibilities when you allow your imagination free rein. You can always rely on Shouldice Designer Stone to produce an awe-inspiring and unique outcome. Please feel free to reach out to our professional design consultants for advice and answers to any questions you may have about Shouldice custom colour possibilities for your project.