Designing with Brick and Stone

As building materials, brick and stone have much in common. They’re solid, valuable, durable, and fire-resistant. Perhaps because they are so alike, they seem like an unusual pair to make. While it takes finesse to pull off a brick and stone building, the results are spectacular and full of character.

Using stone to update a brick building gives it new life, modern flair, and usually increases its value. A brand-new stone and brick building has charm and cost-effectiveness in its favour. In both the architectural and residential world, this pairing gives you great looks for low cost.

Brick and Stone for Architects

Older brick buildings can be repaired and refreshed with our architectural stone to look modern. Below, our Pearl White architectural stone in the Tapestry profile gives this brown building a smooth modern-look with appealing colour contrast.

If your existing building’s brick is light and colourful, choose something dark, like this architectural Tex-Stone in Colby. Tex-Stone is stunning here because its subtle texture mirrors the existing brick’s texture.

Modern isn’t the only style possibility for this pairing. Stone and brick can work together to create rustic buildings, with multiple layers of texture.

Residential Designs with Brick and Stone

This rustic look is perfect for country estates. The home above uses our Estate Stone in Hampton. This subtle colour works perfectly with the bold red brick.

Stone adds an elegance to brick that reminds us of a simpler time. Our Estate Stone utilizes different sizes and textures to look like larger, customized stones.

The Estate Stone Wiarton used above is a popular choice to match seamlessly with grey brick of any shade. It’s a premium look, but it’s affordable for developers and homeowners when paired with brick.

Our estate stone has nine other colours you can choose from. We suggest you choose your stone first and then match your brick to one of the colours in the stone, for best results.

If you’re not building from the ground up but are instead trying to preserve the look of a historical home, you’ll face challenges if repairing or remodelling with brick. Your original bricks have probably faded, and the home will look unusual if you try to match the bricks exactly. So, don’t try for an exact match; instead, use stone of a complimentary or contrasting colour.

The stone used above, our Newport stone in Cambria, adds subtle cream and grey tones to this faded red brick. The overall result is a creamy, pinkish home that is the perfect setting to grow bright red rose bushes.

Alternatively, you can use our Antique Stone to keep the character in your old brick home while adding a bit more sophistication. The home below uses our Antique Stone in Rideau for the extension. The creamy and grey shades soften the bright pink brick exterior.

Architects, developers and homeowners benefit from pairing stone with brick to lower their costs while still achieving a premium look. Shouldice has many quality stone types, including architectural, Estate, Newport, Q-Stone and more, that are perfect alongside brick. Contact us today to discuss which stone is right for your project.