Designing with Stone and Glass

Changing technology has made glass a more stable and cost-effective material than ever before. The result is that glass has become the staple of modern architecture, adding light and sophistication to most every building.

Combining this material with one of the most ancient building materials, stone, may seem counter-intuitive at first. But, like any art form, architecture thrives on balance. Combining the transparent, light glass with opaque, sturdy stone has its rewards and creates stunning buildings in a number of different styles.

Many of our projects highlight the beauty of this pairing.

This building makes use of Shouldice Architectural Stone in Colby and Ultra White, two elite series colours. Stones in both these colours are cut to our Tapestry profile, which achieves a contemporary look. The building’s contemporary design is extended by the smooth face and precisely beveled edges. Here, the smooth Tapestry stone and smooth glass work together, while the contrasting colours add visual interest and balance.

Sometimes we forget that stone can curve and look as dynamic as any other building material. For the eye-catching curves on this building, it made sense to anchor the glass balconies and windows with exquisite Chamois stone. To really make a statement, the architect included gemstones horizontally across the building.

Gemstones can be installed as windows and door surrounds, banding, capitals, and more. They help you include elements from architectural styles of the past, without looking dated. Gemstones pair particularly well with designs that focus on glass. There are many Shouldice gemstone profiles you can use to turn your building into a distinct, extraordinary sight.

Another notable feature of this building’s use of stone and glass is the contrasting texture. Stone can add the texture that glass is missing, providing a more traditional feel for those who want it. Two of our profiles: Tex-Stone and Rock-Stone, could have worked well for this building. Tex-Stone as a subtle texture has wide appeal and is an excellent choice to complement glass. For a more dramatic contrast (but natural look) Rock-Stone works wonders. Whatever your taste, your stone and glass building can reflect it.


Some think of glass as an accent to a stone building. But, why not use stone as an accent to a glass building? With the affordability and strength of glass, re-balancing this traditional pair is possible. Our stone is often the focal point of a mainly glass building.This building is the perfect example of stone taking center stage. Tapestry stone is used here, creating a modern profile in a custom colour that expresses the owner’s unique vision. The stones perfectly match the pillars, which serve to visually ground the dramatic stone elements. Beveled stone is a sound choice for the four square features.

Shouldice Architectural Stone is a fantastic pairing for glass in any building, whether you’re looking for something ultra-modern, or more traditional and welcoming. The design possibilities are endless, so contact us at Shouldice Designer Stone to get started. Call 800-265-3174, or browse our Architectural Products for more inspiration.