Designing with Stone and Metal

Stone and metal buildings have surprising advantages in aesthetics and cost. Designing with stone can add the texture that metal is missing, bringing the whole design to a more welcoming, natural, even rustic place. Or, highly polished stones, like those cut to our Tapestry and Tex-stone profiles, can give your metal building a more sophisticated and contemporary look.

Get inspired without breaking the bank with these stone and metal design ideas:

Welcoming Stone

What kind of feeling do you want people to have when they walk into your building? Perhaps you want them to feel invited, at ease, and ready to open their wallets. Stone helps metal buildings achieve this feeling.

Consider this gorgeous building, which uses Shouldice Architectural Stone in Galaxy and Desert Buff below and on the face of the building, where visitors can get a great view of the stone. But, on top of the building metal siding and a metal roof adds function and reduces costs.

Ultra-Modern Aesthetic

Together, metal and stone do more than balance costs. They also create all kinds of interesting aesthetics. Though we don’t often think of stone as a material for ultra-modern buildings, Shouldice Architectural Stone achieves that look:

This office building uses our stone in Ultra-white and Colby, the perfect tones to compliment the grey metal. Plus, when cut to either Tex-stone or Tapestry profile, stone can look just as smooth as metal, which is all-important for that striking modern façade.


Play with Contrast

You can take your building a whole other colour direction if you use dark metal with light stone. The building below uses a variety of light Shouldice stones to brighten up the dramatically dark metal.

Pairing a dark metal with a light stone leaves room for you to add coloured accents that help your building stand out amongst others on the block. In the building below, Shouldice Architectural Tex-Stone in Pearl White was paired with a dark metal, a bright yellow contrast, and wood, for a unique look.

Thinking about pairing wood and metal for your building? Consider stone instead. It can provide the rustic, textured look you’re aiming for, while also providing structural stability.

In fact, as the building above demonstrates, pairing metal with stone instead of wood can still make for a charming, quaint design that feels more like a warm village center than a downtown hub.

Don’t Forget the Fencing

Seeing as stone provides the elegance of wood with much more security, it’s the perfect addition to a metal fence.

This fence uses Shouldice’s Rock Stone to add incredible texture to the otherwise smooth metal fencing. And the colour chosen, Pearl White, has deep grey tones that make the texture pop even more.

Overall, buildings and fencing designed with stone and metal strike a balance between exquisite looks and cost-effectiveness. Pairing metal with Shouldice Architectural Stone will allow you to make a statement without breaking the bank. Contact us to discuss your vision and how our stone can help you achieve it.