Double the Choice with Strata Brick Smooth

Strata Brick Smooth was a big hit from the very beginning. This product features a smooth face in a standard size. Strata Brick Smooth is a frogged unit. Its benefits include weight savings versus solid units, mortar not shallowed by cores, the brick keys to the wall and the elimination of “float”. Further, frogged units have a stronger fire rating, feature impressive water repellency and there is no core weak point.

First with Polar and Galaxy and then followed by Oxenden, Strata Brick Smooth continued to grow in consumer popularity with this great colour range.

In response to this customer demand Shouldice Designer Stone is thrilled to introduce three new Strata Brick Smooth colours – Waterford, Odessa, and Tutela – doubling your choice to six colours of this product favourite.


Strata Brick Smooth Waterford exudes understated richness with mid-depth tones hinting of rusty orange and streaks of heavy grey dominated overall by an earthy khaki. Waterford’s nuanced colour variations blend smoothly yet retain an undeniable distinction of exquisite good taste.


Big and bold can draw immediate, yet short lived attention but subtlety and nuance are what endow sophistication that is forever interesting and compelling. Strata Brick Smooth Odessa is characterized by gentle tan with illusive hints of grey highlights that are the perfect lead or support in contemporary external building design.


The contrasting hues of Strata Brick Smooth Tutela are immediately and clearly distinctive. From the ease of light sand to the weighty depths of deeper and darker browns, all with hints of grainy texture, Tutela is endlessly lively and always compels a second and third look of appreciation.

The only difficulty you may have with Strata Brick Smooth is deciding which of these six colours to choose. Something to consider is how well two or more of these colours may work together in your next project.

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