Exterior architecture trends your clients will be asking for in 2022

As an architect or builder, you are the expert when it comes to designing a home. It’s your job to guide your client to a vision that suits their style, budget, and needs, and stays true to your design.

You must be ready to share design ideas to embolden the indecisive and keep up with the curious.

Even when clients do have a powerful vision for their future home, they will come to you for information about feasibility, costs, and for a reality check on practicality.

Here are some top trends your clients will be asking for that you need to know.

Curve appeal

The humble arch is having a major comeback, both inside and out. A statement unto itself, an arch can provide a beautiful offset for the sleek lines of mid-century or art deco architecture. Expect to be asked about designs for arched entryways, and rounded windows, and curved window surrounds.

Let the inside out

Experts are seeing trends for resilient materials that feel refined and luxurious used to make the backyard or veranda a true extension of the home. Consider crossover materials like stone veneer to elevate an outdoor kitchen or add a fire table to help extend the outdoor living season. On commercial properties, aesthetically pleasing courtyards, rooftops, patios, and balconies will be more important than ever to satisfy the renewed craving for nature in most corners of our lives.

Universal design

Designing a home that’s functional and accessible for our aging population and those with disabilities is also a growing ask. Many homeowners are looking to create forever homes, and dream of aging in place, so expect questions about how to make the entry function for assistive devices like a wheelchair down the line. Think wider doorways and even single-level flooring to get started.

Going green

Materials and designs that have minimal impact on the environment are becoming increasingly important to property owners. Whether it’s LEED certification, net-zero emissions or simply incorporating more eco-friendly products, be prepared for requests about sustainable building options.

Stylish stone veneer

Clients are always looking for more cost-effective ways to build the lavish home of their dreams. But due to growing inflation and a high cost of living requests to stretch the budget may be on the rise. Shouldice Designer Stone veneer provides a beautiful cladding option that’s much more affordable than natural stone, while matching its deluxe look and feel.

The versatile, long-lasting material, which earns points towards LEED certification, is also easy to transport and install, saving the contractor or builder time and money.

Plus, the custom variations for architectural stone are just about limitless – from the pebbled warmth of Chamois Rock Stone to the sleek contemporary shades of Ultra White or Colby Tapestry stone – you’ll be able to find just the option to wow your client.

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