Feature Project – Custom Colours – Architectural

Our most recent blog featured several examples of how custom colours can not only set a building apart from the run-of-the-mill but also how custom colours can meet a particular design intention that cannot be satisfied by a standard colour.

Our blog today focusses on a particular project that utilizes custom colours to dramatic effect. We take great pride in the selection of Shouldice Designer Stone for its extensive use on Canada’s National Ballet School in Toronto.

Given that this building is the home of Canada’s National Ballet School, the designer selected a stone type and colours that would reflect the sophistication, quality and supreme dedication of ballet as an art form.

The challenge did not end there however. Two other key requirements had to be met. First, the stone and colour must work well with glass and other contemporary building materials that are the major focus of the overall design. Secondly, there was the unavoidable challenge of fitting in with a more than century old, two-story brick building that sits front and centre, setting a somewhat oppositional tone for the entire complex.

Not an easy task but one for which customization is the ideal solution. The solution, central to these unique design circumstances, was the selection of stone style and colour. Our Tapestry stone style was chosen for its clean, contemporary finish, utterly consistent with the nearby modern glass facades. Next was to avoid a solid, standard colour but rather use subtle shades that would complement the surrounding contemporary style as well as the central traditional brick structure. Hence the selection of stone with soft hues of grey and sand – the perfect accompaniment to other disparate design elements.

When you are next faced with a structural design challenge, be it to represent the character of a particular occupant or to seamlessly blend with surroundings, don’t forget the vast possibilities offered by custom colours from Shouldice Designer Stone. We look forward to serving you.