Go Ultra Contemporary with Smith Stone Polar

It is an inarguable fact that stone has a long and richly deserved reputation and legacy throughout history as a popular and functional building product. It is solid, strong, long lasting and good looking. It also conveys a message of confidence and permanence.

That said, Shouldice Designer Stone manufactures products that fulfill all of these characteristics and are perfect for even the most modern design. Smith Stone Polar, featured here, is an excellent demonstration of this fact.

On its own or in conjunction with other exterior building products, as represented in our feature project, Smith Stone Polar exudes style, grace, and sophistication that matches or exceeds the very best in contemporary architectural design.

Smith Stone projects the perfect balance of a moderately rugged stone face with the contemporary appeal of clean, horizontal lines randomly, yet tastefully, broken with variable length and height dimensions. Together, these qualities make Smith Stone a perfect reflection of our times and your sophisticated good taste.

As you can readily appreciate, the white of Polar provides a stunning contrast to the black of window frames, roof, and doors. Together you have the very essence of fine modern design with the powerful qualities and legacy of stone leading the way. You may also note that the Polar colour has been used to great effect on the property’s retaining wall with Shouldice Estate Stone.

The rectilinear geometry and clean, smooth lines, inspired by West Coast Chic building design, are the ideal specifications for Smith Stone Polar. It complements the ultra-modern design while, at the same time, providing the confidence of strength and durability that have been the hallmarks of stone throughout the ages.

For more about Shouldice Designer Stone and Smith Stone please visit our website at www.shouldice.ca.