Great Reps Make the Difference – Part 2

This is part two of a two part blog series featuring the sales representatives of Shouldice Designer Stone. It is no secret that not just anyone is cut out to be an effective sales person. The sales role, in virtually every business, requires a particular combination of skills, knowledge, and especially a positive can-do attitude.

Shouldice Designer Stone sales representatives are exceptionally good at what they do. Here’s a little personal, behind the scenes, information about our sales guys.


RobRob Huff – aka Huffy – 519.671.5924 – [email protected]
Rob has been associated with the Shouldice family since 1984 but joined the firm in the late fall of 2003 as the U.S. representative. He is from London Ontario, but says he is a proud, Huron County farm kid.

Rob’s favourite thing about working for Shouldice Designer Stone is “the value that Shouldice holds for its customers. Some companies want dots on a map while Shouldice wants business relationships that are beneficial for both parties.”

It’s difficult to identify a single favourite product however, if forced to it, Rob goes for the beauty of Georgian Nordic Stone. He remembers well a sizeable project in PA using this product, that turned out great. He also especially notes that the Shouldice product range allows him to suggest many different versions and options for projects.

When asked about a favourite project Rob is quick to identify the Broad Street Church in Columbus, Ohio where a custom green colour was supplied that no competitor was able to provide.

When on the road Rob listens to Sirius Y2K country. As for road food, it’s something fast if he is by himself. If with a customer, he relies on the tried and true “the customer is always right.” A favourite in the U.S. is Jeff Ruby’s Steak House.

A typical day for Rob is all about building customer relationships. He says, “I have built lasting relationships with numerous customers that I refer to as friends. If you spend enough time with your customers, they will tell you what they really want, what they really like about your company and most importantly, what they would like to see change with your company.”

It’s not unusual for a sales person that sees a lot of travel time to regard a vacation as just another week in the year. However, Rob’s favourite 3-day vacation is to Nashville, TN.

Finally, and importantly, the most valuable lesson Rob has learned while working for Shouldice Designer Stone is, “There are always several ways to look at a project and come up with solutions.”

Gerry Welsh519.374.3352[email protected]
Gerry is from Moorefield, ON, has been with Shouldice Designer Stone for nearly ten years and is responsible for the Grey Bruce region.

Gerry reveals the heart of a true sales person when he confesses his favourite thing about working for Shouldice Designer Stone is “helping customers select a Shouldice product they will love every time they park in their drive way.” Having said that, Gerry does have a favourite Shouldice product – “Estate Stone because the customer can dream and create by blending the colours.” Gerry’s favourite project is one that featured an Estate Stone custom blend – 75% Norton, and 25% Norton dark mortar with Charington details around all windows and doors.

When on the road Gerry listens to CKNX (classic country and news format). When asked about his favourite on the road food stop, he replied “I do not stop.” Now that’s dedication. Gerry’s favourite vacation spots are the desert canyons of the south west U.S.

Gerry has a super answer to the question “What does a day as a Shouldice sales rep look like?” He says “Sunny and warm. Sunny smiles on many customer faces. Warm handshakes to close a deal.”

As for the most valuable lesson learned while with Shouldice it is to “Treat the small customer as you would your largest account. They may grow to be your largest.”

Guillaume CorbeilGuillaume Corbeil-Sauvé514.709.3570[email protected]
Guillaume, has been with Shouldice nearly 7 years. From Beloeil, PQ he is responsible for customers in Quebec.

There is no typical, routine day for Guillaume and that is one of his favourite things about the job. He feels his days focus on customer visits to introduce Shouldice products and make sure they understand both the wide range available as well as the custom options. Guillaume has narrowed the use of his time into two key words – “develop and support”. He works to find and create opportunities and support for his customers and their masonry projects.

A favourite project that Guillaume has sold is the McNamara project.  It was almost 2 years in design before finally going forward.  It features Shouldice Architectural Tapestry, Charington detail, Urban split face brick and custom precast sills.  It is a project in which he was involved throughout the entire process – from the drawings to the signing of the order. Consistent with this project, Guillaume’s favourite Shouldice product is the Architectural Charington line.  He feels it offers a lot of options to make a project really unique with the textures, sizes, colour selection and the attractive bevel option.

Guillaume’s listening habits while on the road are variable between four different stations. One for the morning show, one for the lunch period and then switch to traffic and finally, later in the day, a comedy program.

Guillaume is a former backpacker but in recent years has spent his vacation time playing golf in destinations such as Myrtle Beach and Arizona.

Shouldice sales representatives are the best in the business. Take advantage of their expertise and long experience when considering your next project. For more about Shouldice Designer Stone products visit or call 800.265.3174.