How to add individuality to a classic home style 

You’re a traditionalist at heart so, understandably, you’ve chosen a classic look for your home. But there are still things you can do to make your house stand out from the crowd. Here are five areas where you can add a personalized touch to your home’s exterior.


Your home’s curb appeal starts at the curb, so give your front yard some careful consideration. If you’re going for a chateau or English country manor look, rows of manicured boxwoods or sculptured topiaries would be on point. If you have the room, plant species that will bloom at different times of the year so you’ll always have some colour in the mix. With decorative planters at the entrance, you can change up the flowers to match the season.

The walkway leading to your entrance can also help set the tone. Cobblestones or flagstone tie in nicely with masonry.

Outdoor lighting

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in designing your home. So, shine a spotlight on it – literally. Exterior lighting shouldn’t only be used to illuminate walkways and entrances. Lighting can also highlight features on the exterior or be used create a nighttime-only visual effect.

If you plan ahead, your architect or contractor can incorporate pot lights that shine down from the soffits. If not, you can install lights that shine up from the ground.

Add a splash of colour

If the façade is mostly muted tones, you can liven things up with a splash of colour. One popular option is to paint the front door in a hue that really stands out. The beauty of painting your door is that you can always repaint it down the road if you grow tired of the look.

Signature touches

Beyond the window frames and exterior cladding, there are a number of other features on the front of your home where you can stand out, such as a stylish mailbox, decorative posts at the foot of the driveway or faux shutters beside the windows. For a truly one-of-a-kind detail add a custom house number with one of our Stencil Stones. If you have a little extra in the budget, consider some big ticket splurges like adding dormers or investing in copper eavestroughs and downspouts.

Consider your cladding

Of course, the exterior materials you choose will have the biggest impact on the exterior look. A classic brick like our Strata Brick Smooth is well-suited for traditional home styles. The colour palette available ranges from grey to black, with shades of brown in between, making it a very versatile choice.

Another option to mull over is selecting materials that stand out in contrast to each other. Strata Brick Smooth in striking white Polar looks gorgeous when paired with black window frames, railings or shingles, for example.

For more inspirational ideas on how to make your home’s exterior pop, visit our galleries and read some of our past blogs.