Ideal for ICI Specifications

Those specifying for ICI projects follow a process very much like consumer product consumers. They make a list of what qualities and characteristics they require and then make a selection based on the product or service that best matches their list.

The things that would find their way onto an ICI specifier’s list would include things like supplier reputation, product quality, durability, cost, reliability, availability, selection, appearance, environmental integrity, warranty and more.

Shouldice Designer Stone has built its reputation over a more than 70-year history on Quality, Service and Innovation. This translates into a stellar and respected record of performance that architects, designers, masons, and builders know they can count on.

Shouldice manufactures its stone products to the very highest standards, utilizing locally sourced aggregates, and up-to-date technologies that respect the environment. Shouldice stone products support the principles of LEED with raw materials, production, life cycle costing and performance. The benefits of additional durability, design and economic efficiency are an integral component in every piece of Shouldice Designer Stone.

Shouldice stone products are available in a range of compelling styles and colours including custom options when required. These are supported by accessory and accent pieces that designers and architects rely on to add flair and character to their creations.

It’s not only Shouldice product quality that is reliable. Their way of doing business, based on firm integrity, has made them trusted partners of specifiers across North America. Those responsible for making high-value decisions know they can rely on Shouldice products, their business performance and ethics.

Competitive pricing and fair dealing have always been and always will be a hallmark of Shouldice Designer Stone. This permanently entrenched business philosophy is practically backed by a lifetime guarantee on all Shouldice Designer Stone products.

For more about Shouldice Designer Stone and our products visit or call us at 800.265.3174.