Interview with a Stonemason, Featuring AC/DC Masonry

There is nothing we appreciate more than our customers. We appreciate their business of course, but it’s the enduring relationships we build with our customers over the years that are so satisfying and meaningful to us. The success of our customers and their work is what makes what we do so worthwhile.

We recently had the privilege of speaking with Aaron Cullition of AC/DC Masonry in Ayton, Ontario. Aaron works with a team of twelve and has been doing business with Shouldice Designer Stone for over 14 years.

AC/DC Masonry is involved with both Commercial and Residential projects. The company is currently working on the Bradford firehall as well as several custom homes all over the area surrounding Ayton, making great use of our product lineup.

When we asked Aaron which Shouldice product was his favourite he immediately responded that he really liked Architectural Stone in a Tapestry finish in any of its nine colours. He commented that Tapestry “has an amazing finish and look”. Tapestry offers the sophistication and contemporary appeal of both a flat, smooth surface and precisely bevelled edges.

Aaron also commented that he loved Estate Stone in any of its 10 colours. He believes Estate Stone is “the best stone for masons to work with as far as mason protocol is concerned and for ease of working with other trades”. Estate Stone has versatility in style that makes a bold statement and brings unmatched value to any home.

Aaron’s favourite aspect of masonry is the satisfaction he derives from being the “face of a building”. That is, being able to drive by a project years after its completion and seeing the beautiful result still there. As an example, a favourite job of Aaron’s is one that our Shouldice sales rep set him up with. It is a huge custom house just outside Markdale, ON with lots of arches, piers, and two all masonry fireplaces.

When asked what makes Shouldice one of his preferred suppliers, Aaron remarked that Shouldice is local, great to work with and they keep their contractors happy.

Our final question was how would Aaron characterize Shouldice’s customer service. His reply was that he would “describe Shouldice customer service as having a small town ‘ma and ‘pa store feel. Everyone is always friendly and quick to help. They make you feel comfortable when asking questions and you know you will always get the right answer.”

We are gratified by Aaron’s responses because it tells us we are on the right track – this kind of connection with our customers is what we strive for. There is nothing more satisfying to us than the knowledge that our customer is happy and that they will be back to create more great work, just as Aaron has been for the past 14 years.

We’re thankful for Masons like AC/DC for all that they do to consistently make our products look the best that they can. Contact information for AC/DC Masonry is noted below:

AC/DC Masonry
401 Mary Street
Ayton, ON
N0G 1C0
Phone: 519.477.0008
Email: [email protected] 

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