Feature Project – It’s the Details that Make a House

Size isn’t everything but it can permit the opportunity to beautifully showcase just what can be done, from a design and materials application perspective, in residential architecture.

Our feature project takes full advantage of scale and large proportions to incorporate several interesting design elements. Perhaps most notable is the extensive use of Shouldice Designer Stone’s popular Estate Stone in the Hampton colour. This has been applied across almost the entirety of the front aspect of this home. It also acts as an effective contrast to the dark colouration of the massive roof. Other design elements of interest include several roof peaks over doors and windows, the extensive use of stone accessories including sills, window surrounds, and pier caps, not to mention the multi-sided, turret style enclosure on the far right side.

Leaving no detail unattended, the entrance to the property is guarded by Estate Stone Hampton pillars of variable height with wrought iron fencing in a beautifully landscaped setting. This is a classy invitation to the beautiful grounds, dominated by the broad stone driveway.

Upon closer inspection we see how Estate Stone Hampton’s subtle, earthy tone differences throughout permit the stone texture to take a prominent role. Further, it is easy to appreciate how this colour selection works not only as an effective contrast to the roof and garage doors but also is fully complementary to pillars, window sills and stone accessories such as the oval window surround.

For a home of this size it has surprisingly few and relatively small windows. However, in several cases the windows become more visible and prominent via their particular locations. For example, the central positioning of the simple window over the garage doors with tasteful stone treatments above and below make it stand out. Also, the tall window on the right side is notable as it is covered with its own roof, is framed with an elegant curve at the top and further supported with faux columns of both stucco and Estate Stone Hampton stone.

Whether your project is large like this one or something more modest, Shouldice Designer Stone has the complete package for you from stone and sills to Charington accessories and Precast. These products are all backed by a lifetime warranty and supported by legendary Shouldice service. Take a tour of the website at www.shouldicedesig.staging.wpengine.com or call at 800.265.3174.