Springers are a feature that endow a window or arch with personality, detail and prominence. Choose from a variety of sizes, some with wing accents, to accentuate your next project.

Springer #1

The elegant, slender profile of Springer #1 make it a popular choice for those looking to create an impression with an understated, yet effective accent item.
190mm (top) x 100mm (base) x 290mm – 7½” (top) x 4″ (base) x 11½”

Springer #2 with Wings

Soar to new heights with #2 Springer with Wings. This product adds a refined dimension that stirs the senses and prompts a second look.
60mm x 240mm – 2¼” x 9½” (wing)

Springer #7

For a more substantial impression, the broad horizontal dimensions of #7 Springer, provide the scale and impact you are looking for.
290mm (top) x 190mm (base) x 290mm – 11½” (top) x 7½” (base) x 11½”

Springer #8 with Wings

The ultimate in keystone applications, our #8 Springer with Wings is characterized by both generous proportions and impressive grace.
60mm x 240mm – 2¼” x 9½” (wing)

Springer #1

Springer #2

Springer #7

Springer #8

Keystones are the window surround accessory that shouts out character and personality. Our keystones will express your vision to perfection.