Matching Stone with Brick

One of the many great attractions of stone and brick is the nearly endless variety to choose from individually. This vast selection is especially interesting when you consider the possibilities of combining stone with brick. What colours to choose?; which styles? Well-considered answers to these and other questions can result in truly spectacular and unique designs.

Shouldice Designer Stone has over 70 years of experience in manufacturing stone and brick products, providing customers with the opportunity to select just the right colours and styles to precisely meet their design goals and expectations. The following previous designs will give you some ideas and tips on how best to match stone and brick by way of visual examples to spark your inspiration.

The example immediately above is dominated by MJ Saratoga Brick in the dramatic Norton colour. This spectacular brick veneer resonates with an arresting aura of stature, attainment and gracious living with an exclusive, sculptured stamped face across every piece. Norton makes a very prominent statement with deep browns to black and heavy grey. The white mortar colour on this home has a dramatic impact by way of high contrast with the brick colour.  Note also the selective use of vertical placement as well as the traditional horizontal installation.

In an excellent use of distinctive contrast, the lower third of the façade features Estate Stone in the rich Bradford colour. Estate Stone is Shouldice’s most popular residential stone. It has tremendous style versatility and luxurious colours that bring unmatched value to your home. Bradford, for example, includes high contrast earth tones that vary from rusty orange to several shades of grey, all blended with creams. The Estate Stone style and the Bradford colour combine to create a striking contrast to the MJ Saratoga Brick in Bradford in this project.

One convenient and helpful guide to matching stone with brick is the Shouldice online blending chart, specific to Strata Brick Smooth that is featured in the above project. Strata Brick Smooth features a smooth face in a standard size that meets both contemporary design and construction objectives. The Oxenden colour exudes sophistication with its variegated display of soft to deep tones of natural grey and black – truly a distinct and memorable look.

Strata Brick Smooth is matched here with Shale Stone in the popular Slate colour. Shale Stone conveys distinct impressions of permanence and strength with a striking, rounded rocky surface that creates a powerful, natural stone impression. The Slate colour features lightly contrasting tones of sandy grey to slate, producing a traditional and very elegant, high-end result.

Sometimes a single colour is the design solution you are looking for, thereby allowing only the contrasting style difference between brick and stone to convey the statement you want to make. Above you see MJ Saratoga Brick matched with Estate Stone both in the clean and elegant Hampton colour.  Hampton is characterized by subtle, earthy tone differences that give it vibrancy and life in both brick and stone formats.

We’ve put together the Designer Colour Spectrum as a resource to show what colours are available for each profile, providing a convenient look into every colour offered in our residential line. This acts as the perfect guide when brainstorming stone and brick options for your work.

Each of these homes stand as examples of what can be accomplished when creatively blending products in the selection process. Achieve the best of what each of these has to offer by matching stone with brick in future projects. We can’t wait to see the results!

The comprehensive line of Shouldice stone and brick products is certain to include the styles and colours to transform your imagination into reality and any assistance you may require is only a click or call away. You can find a dealer by clicking here and please visit our website at or call 800.265.3174 for answers to questions, project ideas, or more information.