Meet Will Marlatt – Sales Representative

I was born in Brampton and raised in Huttonville and Brampton, then moved to mid-town Toronto, attending high school there. Our family business in Brampton was residential roofing & construction, so I was back and forth between Brampton and Toronto throughout the year and summer times.

I am married to Julia Lee. She goes by Lee, (her mom’s Irish surname) and we 
have a son Michael who will be 10 in February, 2019. Lee and I dated in 
high school and met again many years later and married.

Past times/interests

I enjoy networking and meeting new people (golf tournaments and Toronto Construction Association related events and other industry events and trade shows).

Travelling, individual sports, sporting events and concerts. I love music, but don’t personally play any musical instruments. I believe I have seen close to 100 concerts over the years. My summer jobs helped fund attending these shows.

I have been fortunate to have travelled to many great places. I lived in the United Kingdom while doing a business program at the University of Leicester. I spent a month in Cape Town, South Africa and my favourite North American places are San Diego, California and anywhere in Florida.

Favourite Restaurant

DANTE’S Pizza in Thornhill, Ontario: The best pizza in the world.

Favourite Coffee

Tim Horton’s – medium Dark Roast, double/double or medium Iced Cap.
Starbucks – grande Dark Roast, with brown sugar and cream.

Favourite Shouldice Product

All of Estate Stone, as I think the different colours can really be utilized with different applications and architectural uses, highlighting its flexibility and quality.

Favourite Fusion Stone Product

Great Lakes Charcoal – I think it’s contemporary and classic – really timeless.

Why I choose to work at Shouldice Designer Stone

I am very fortunate to have found a sales position in an industry that I really appreciate and enjoy – masonry and construction.

From my very first interview, I had a really great feeling about the organization, products, family history and people. Being in the masonry industry I was very familiar with the company, the excellent products and the strong, family background and people
 supporting those products.

I am truly blessed and happy to have been given the opportunity to work with 
great people and I am very proud to represent the Shouldice Designer Stone family of