Meeting the Challenge of Canadian Weather

One of the many wonders and attractions (depending upon who you ask) of Canada is the wide variability of the weather. With temperatures that can range between -40°C and +40°C over the course of a year, living here can be an exciting challenge for both people and building materials.

And temperature swings are not the end of it. There is also the considerations of wind and rain as well as the effects of snow, ice, humidity and drought. It’s a lot to contend with and takes a hearty, perseverant constitution and attitude to flourish. But flourish we do and so do Shouldice Designer Stone products.

Whichever Shoudice product you choose for whatever purpose, you can be absolutely certain that it will not only stand up to anything the climate may bring its way, it will carry on virtually unaffected.

Unlike almost any other building cladding, stone resists the threat and power of weather for decades if not centuries. It will continue to look beautiful and imposing while doing its primary job of protection without fail.

Shouldice Designer Stone offers a broad range of Architectural and Residential stone and accessories to meet virtually any need. With multiple styles, colours and custom options to choose from, as well as the alternative to mix and match there is no design vision that we cannot fulfill.

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