Modern Or Traditional? Estate Stone Can Do Both

One of the leading appeals of stone must be its versatility. Whether applied to a traditional architectural design, a more modern layout or virtually anything in between, stone produces a timeless, memorable result that just can’t be matched by any other building material.

Part of the versatility of stone are the many styles and colours to choose from. Our current home example features Estate Stone in the warm and welcoming Polar colour from Shouldice Designer Stone. Estate Stone has a classic style and ten luxurious colours that make a bold statement, while bringing unmatched value to a home. Polar responds to the contemporary trend towards white while also being the perfect complement to other stone colours and a variety of building façade materials. Its presence remains strong without overpowering the project.

In comparison with Roberval, a seamlessly white colour in our product lineup, Polar acts as a slightly warmer option with its subtle tone and hue differentials. These only add to its versatility and elegant aesthetics. We’d advise you to check out our different Polar and Roberval profiles on our website if you’re a fan of this look.

You can easily appreciate how perfectly Estate Stone Polar complements the dark wood planking above the garage doors and above and below the right side windows. We love the manner in which the classic look of Estate Stone partners beautifully with the contemporary horizontal appeal of glass in this home.

The choice of a white stone, such as Estate Stone Polar, is a virtual guarantee of success thanks to its versatility. White goes with nearly everything, but when matched in a well-considered design the result can be spectacular. If you’d like to compare our Polar colour in other product profiles and styles, there are plenty of options available in order to find the best fit for your project; in addition to Estate Stone, Polar is available in Smith Stone, Strata Brick Smooth, and Urban Brick Smooth.

So, whether your taste runs to the modern or the classic, our Estate Stone product line used exclusively or in combination with other building façade materials can be counted upon to transform good into great, every time.

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