Product Spotlight – Estate Stone

Versatile style, in nine luxurious colours, makes Estate Stone our number one selling stone veneer, split-face block product.

Estate Stone – Always the Right Choice

Estate Stone has a pronounced surface that reflects a stunning natural stone appearance. Beyond this immediate physical attribute, Estate Stone evokes a sense of style and luxury, across the spectrum of residential design, that makes a bold statement and adds intrinsic value to virtually any project.

Building professionals and homeowners continue to choose Estate Stone and other Shouldice Designer Stone products for their manufactured stone veneer due to our unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service. From the moment that you begin your Estate Stone project, you’ll have our team of stone experts on your side, helping you plan your design and choose the colour for a successful and beautiful end result.

Since Shouldice designs, manufactures and delivers from a single location, you can depend on consistency of colour and quality throughout all of our stone products. This means you can complete your project with confidence, knowing that your investment is in great hands.

Broad, beautiful colour selection

The reason that Estate Stone is our top seller speaks for itself in these accompanying images. With this kind of choice, there is an Estate Stone colour that will meet the most exacting requirements for virtually any type and style of project from classically traditional to ultra- modern. An exciting option, that further extends Estate Stone design possibilities, is to consider blending two or more Estate Stone colours within the same project.

An excellent example of a classic form, featuring Estate Stone Kingston, updated with contemporary windows and garage doors design.

This is a great close up view of Estate Stone Hampton that beautifully portrays the rich profile of this stone.

This contemporary bungalow is a stunning example of how Estate Stone Norton projects the classic strength of stone.

The light and calming colouration of Estate Stone Laurier allows this very large home to remain approachable and inviting.

The blend of light and dark, in Estate Stone Brockton, makes it an excellent choice for many projects as it will complement a vast array of design styles.

Roberval, the newest Estate Stone colour, requires little introduction. Basic white has eye-popping presence and works with virtually any design or colour combination.

This modern design is a fantastic showcase for Estate Stone Wiarton, demonstrating with ease how the look and feel of traditional stone can coordinate seamlessly with a contemporary look.

As you can see, Estate Stone really does have it all. With 9 fabulous colours and a profile to beautifully express traditional and contemporary style, Estate Stone is always the right choice.

For more information about Estate Stone or any Shouldice Designer Stone product, visit our website at or call 800.265.3174