Modern Meets Medicine

HSC Winnipeg Women’s Hospital, a state-of-the-art hospital called for a modern design esthetic. Expansive glass walls feature embedded images of elm trees to acknowledge Winnipeg as the home of North America’s largest remaining urban elm forest. The next most eye-catching feature are the contrasting Pearl White and Colby bricks that wrap around the structure. Building… Continue reading Modern Meets Medicine

Stark Contrast

The modern apartment complex features predominately Pearl White bricks with Colby used for accents. These contrasting tones perfectly suit the boxy exterior look the architect created. The black window and door frames, siding and railings further accentuate that contrast. Location: Quebec Recreate This Look Product: Dimensional Stone (Tapestry) Dimensions: 90x190x390 Colour: Pearl White, Colby CONTACT… Continue reading Stark Contrast

A Pub with Pizzazz

This is the Saint-Bruno location of La Cage Brasserie Sportive, a Quebec-based chain of sports bars. The three-toned entrance features Architectural Brick in Galaxy colour wrapping around the windows and doors. Building Date: 2019 Location: Saint-Bruno, Quebec Recreate This Look Product: Dimensional Stone (Smooth) Dimensions: 90x90x290 Colour: Galaxy CONTACT US

Contrasting Tones

Vertical strips of Estate Stone Brockton anchor the exterior façade of this apartment building in Quebec, while offering a contrasting brown to the darker brick, white block, and dark railings, siding and window frames. The prominent Stone profile and varying sizes of the pieces help the façade come alive. Location: Ste Foy, Quebec Recreate This… Continue reading Contrasting Tones

A Classic Clubhouse

The Toronto Ski Club was founded nearly a century ago in 1924. The private ski organization’s clubhouse is located at the base of Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario. The focal point of the building is the entrance, clad in Estate Stone Hampton. The masonry blends harmoniously with the wood beams, taupe-coloured siding, black roof and… Continue reading A Classic Clubhouse

Recreating a Classic

Cowbell Brewing Company was founded with a much bigger goal than being one of Ontario’s favourite craft breweries. The founders wanted the facility to be a destination, with their state-of-the-art brewery and packaging facility, a restaurant, pub, and games room all housed in a sustainably-built, barn-like structure. Shouldice’s Shale Stone in Hudson blends in seamlessly… Continue reading Recreating a Classic

Imposing Authority

In the early 2000s, Thunder Bay municipal council decided to renovate its City Hall, built in 1969. The city’s needs had outgrown the existing building, and the caulking and concrete siding on the exterior were crumbling, causing a public safety risk. The renovations included adding insulation and energy-efficient tinted windows. The new, durable exterior features… Continue reading Imposing Authority

Stately Seniors’ Residence

This 281-unit seniors’ residence in Laval, Quebec uses three different architectural bricks in Rock and Tapestry textures – to anchor the building. As the eye moves up from ground level, the red contrasts with the black window frames and balcony railings. Another band of Pewter brick wraps around the top of the building just below… Continue reading Stately Seniors’ Residence

A Splash of Colour

The large Pearl White Architectural bricks in Tex balances out the black window and door frames, dark brown metal siding and bold strip of yellow panelling over the entrance. Building Date: 2019 Location: Drummondville, Quebec Recreate This Look Product: Dimensional Stone (Tex) Dimensions: 90x390x590 Colour: Pearl White CONTACT US

Residence Living Refined

This high-rise apartment building is located between the Rideau Canal and the University of Ottawa campus in our nation’s capital. Architectural Brick with a Tapestry finish in Colby was used from top to bottom, complementing the larger grey blocks and contrasting red bricks, both from other suppliers. Building Date: 2003 Location: Ottawa, Ontario Recreate This… Continue reading Residence Living Refined