Bold and Bulky

The sharp angles of the roofline on this home really make it stand out. Below that, the lighter tones of Estate Stone in Hampton contrast nicely with the three garage doors and the covered main entrance. Note that the pillars for the wooden posts and gate at the bottom of the driveway are also wrapped… Continue reading Bold and Bulky

Timeless Traditional

This charming one-and-a-half storey home uses a classic mix of masonry and wood for a timeless look. The Estate Stone in Hampton has muted colours that allow the texture of the material to shine through. Contrast that with the sleek wood pillars and horizontal siding and the dark shingles and faux beam over the garage… Continue reading Timeless Traditional

Adventurous Architecture

This home uses multiple materials and colours for a bold effect. Estate Stone and MJ Saratoga Brick, both in Brockton, contrast with the grey wood siding, white windows and trim, and the black metal accents. One of the most eye-catching features is the herringbone pattern of the brick on the fireplace chimney. Location: Owen Sound,… Continue reading Adventurous Architecture

Peak Chic

The sharply sloping rooflines are the first feature to catch your eye on this home. That is, in part, because all the other elements blend together so seamlessly. The brown and grey colours of the Estate Stone Kingston, the painted posts and stucco and multi-tone shingles all complement each other. The sills and round window… Continue reading Peak Chic

Mix-and-Match for Traditional Appeal

This four-bedroom, four-bathroom home is located in a chic part of Oakville, Ontario. The mix-and-match exterior design features Estate Stone in Laurier – our most popular shade of brown – along with wood, stucco and metallic elements. The multi-tone shingles mirror the Estate Stone pattern, while the taupe trim and light stucco reflect the varying… Continue reading Mix-and-Match for Traditional Appeal

Chateau Chic

A mansard roof and faux balcony over the covered front entrance give this home a French chateau appeal. The Estate Stone masonry in Polar juxtaposed with the block roof, railing, window frames and doors reflects a popular trend of used high-contrast shades. It also highlights how bright white Polar is in direct sunlight. Building Date:… Continue reading Chateau Chic

Ageless Style

The brown and tan tones of the Q Stone brick balance nicely with the multi-hued shingles on the roof. Window surrounds and Keystones in Pearl White provide a contrasting lightness. Note the mason’s custom surround on the oval window to the left of the front door. Location: Canada Recreate This Look Product: Q Stone, Keystones,… Continue reading Ageless Style

Modern Country Charm

This home combines a classic farmhouse feel with modern black elements. The masonry is primarily Estate Stone in Hampton, with a few pieces of dark grey Norton blended in. The window surround and sills are also Shouldice Stone products. Location: Canada Recreate This Look Product: Estate Stone Colour: Hampton, Norton Mortar: Grey CONTACT US

French Chateau in the Suburbs

This French chateau-inspired home makes a bold statement from the mansard roofline and dormers down to ground level. The bulk of the masonry is Architectural Brick in Pearl White with a Tapestry finish. The dark brown banding around the base is also Architectural brick in Galaxy with a Rock finish. Shouldice Gem Stones and Keystones,… Continue reading French Chateau in the Suburbs

Two-Storey Stunner

The modern in-fill home really stands out on the block. The two-storey, four-bedroom, five-bathroom property is clad in a mix of light and dark masonry. Black window frames and doors add an architectural element. Pearl White bricks in Tapestry (90x90x590 and 90x190x590) also line the walls leading to the stunning covered main entrance. The home’s… Continue reading Two-Storey Stunner