Seeing is Believing

Imagining what something may look like is one thing but to actually see the final result is a definite experience upgrade.

The Shouldice Designer Stone Product Visualizer is here and live on our site. This innovative online feature lets you try out all of our products on your project or sample projects from the comfort of your home.

The Product Visualizer provides you with lots of options. For example, with Quickview you can upload a photo of your home and experiment with any number of stone possibilities. Alternatively, if you have no specific plans for your house we have included a selection of 20 home design photos that you can choose from.

You are not just limited to a selection of Shouldice Designer Stone. You can also pair our stone with a variety of different siding, roofing, and trim options. And for that comprehensively detailed view, you can pair your stone choices with different mortar possibilities.

Our Proview option is available on the Visualizer for a clean, more realistic rendering. Our experts grid out the design professionally, allowing the user to experiment with all kinds of combinations for a high-end perspective.

Whether you choose Quickview or Proview you can get to know our products right from home before you ever set foot in a showroom. Give it a try and let seeing make you a believer.

Our goal is to always be on the leading edge of Quality, Service, and Innovation. The new Shouldice Designer Stone Product Visualizer is just our latest way of achieving that goal and putting you first.

For more about Shouldice Designer Stone and to use our Product Visualizer please visit our website at