Set a Contemporary Tone

We’ve all heard the expression, “best of both worlds.” The suggestion is, of course, like another familiar expression, “having your cake and eating it too.” It doesn’t happen often but is certainly worth remarking on when it does.

Two recent products from Shouldice Designer Stone fit the bill very well.

Strata Brick Smooth and Urban Brick Smooth offer both the traditional, old world appeal and reputation of brick plus the contemporary style and great looks demanded by the modern world.

Both Strata Brick Smooth and Urban Brick Smooth are manufactured in a frogged format. This method produces a number of advantages:

  • Weight saving vs. solid units
  • Mortar not shallowed by cores
  • “Float” eliminated and brick keys to the wall
  • Stronger fire rating with more mass
  • Strong water repellency and no core to trap moisture
  • Stronger with no core weak point

Strata Brick Smooth presents a smooth face, in a standard brick size (3½” x 3¼” x 10¼”), that aligns perfectly with many contemporary design requirements.

Urban Brick Smooth offers the same characteristics of Strata but with popular narrow and linear dimensions (3½” x 2¼” x 15⅝”) that fulfill the vision of many architects, builders and home owners.

The fine quality and appearance characteristics of Strata and Urban are dramatically enhanced by the choice of three amazing colour selections:

The off-white clarity of Polar, refined with subtle tone and hue differentials makes this colour the perfect choice, particularly for a vast array of contemporary projects.

Galaxy makes the boldest of statements with a rich, continuous depth of black, fantastic on its own or stunning as a powerful contrast to other stone or building material colours.

Oxenden, like its name, is not obvious but rather exudes sophistication with its variegated display of soft to deep tones of sand, tan and earthy browns. Simply a pleasure to look at.

So, if you like the idea of getting the best of both worlds, Strata Brick Smooth and Urban Brick Smooth are made to measure. And there is a bonus – both are manufactured by Shouldice Designer Stone with an over 70 years legacy of Quality, Service and Innovation. You can’t go wrong.

For more about Strata Brick Smooth and Urban Brick Smooth or any Shouldice product visit our website at or call us at 800.265.3174.