Shouldice – 1st Choice for a Builder’s Package

Many businesses have built a large and loyal following by providing everything their customers require to satisfy their needs. Walmart is a classic example but it is a strategy that extends into other industries.

Shouldice Designer Stone has pursued this business model to the great satisfaction of its many customers, particularly builders. One of the major goals of a builder, when a project is being considered, is to ensure that the work can be planned, organized, and executed in the most efficient, effective, and reliable manner.

Shouldice provides a significant assist in this effort by offering everything the builder requires in the way of masonry. This does not mean just a range of quality products. As important as that is, other factors contribute to ensuring the builder is able to reach those all-important efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability goals.

But let’s talk products first. Shouldice has a more than 70-year reputation for manufacturing a wide range of the highest quality products. This includes a comprehensive line of Residential stone and brick such as the ever-popular Estate Stone and Urban Brick Smooth available in an array of colours. If the project calls for Architectural stone, Shouldice has that covered as well with multiple finishes, sizes and colours.

What about accents and accessories? The Charington line includes everything required to add the crucial finishing touches, from corner stones and sills to window surrounds and keystones.

We are not finished yet! There is also a range of precast masonry that includes pier caps and coping as well as a number of custom products, again available in several colours.

We talked earlier about the important, non-product elements that get a project done efficiently. This includes things like pre-blended skids so the mason draws from a single skid rather than several. It means reliable product availability and delivery. It means a network of dependable distributors. Shouldice has it all.

When you are planning your next project remember that Shouldice Designer Stone has all aspects of masonry covered and is there as your partner to ensure your project is a smashing success! Please see our website at or call at 800.265.3174.