Shouldice Architectural Stone – The Heart of an Elegant Interior Design

In our last blog we talked generally about the use of stone for interior construction. In this one we want to drill down a bit and focus on a particular project to further demonstrate and reinforce the concept of stone as an amazing material for interior use.

From every perspective, this project is a fantastic example of how well stone complements other materials, most notably in this case, wood and glass. This project is clean and understated in virtually every way. From the sense of wide open spaces enhanced by a proliferation of large windows to the functional, minimalist furnishings and the subdued wall colours. This is complemented by natural wood tones on wall panels, doors and furniture.

The stone walls fit seamlessly and gracefully into this clearly well-considered and planned design scheme. The walls feature Shouldice Tapestry architectural stone (8″ x 24″) in Chamois with narrow (4″ x 24″), horizontal Prairie highlights that support the open, linear quality of this space as they pick up on the furniture and floor colours.

Tapestry is an elegant profile/texture characterized by the sophistication and contemporary appeal of both a flat, smooth, polished surface and precisely beveled edges.

Shouldice architectural stone is available in two other textures – Tex-Stone and Rock-Stone – and a wide choice of standard and custom colours. Whatever your design objective, there is a Shouldice architectural stone to make it happen.

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