Simple finishing touches to bring style to home exteriors

If your client is looking to stand out in a cul-de-sac, there are different options for achieving an aesthetic that’s both timeless and unique, but an effective one focuses on the finishing touches.

Here are some fabulous ideas to propose to your next client:

Luxurious light fixtures

While often thought of as a last-minute detail, the right exterior light fixtures can make a home look elegant and expensive. Pay attention to the colour and material for maximum impact. Architectural bronze is a popular choice that, despite its name, is closer to a warm black. The sleek, matte material is perfect for a lantern or pendant at the front porch, as well as path or walkway lights.

Powerful paint colours

Have a client who’s commitment shy or changes their mind frequently? It can be challenging to convince them to add more interesting elements that bring personality and style to the home. But because paint is relatively easily and inexpensive to update, this is one area where you can really play.

Go bold when it comes to the shade for the front door—it can even be trendy, as the client can switch it up in a few years if the colour goes out of fashion. Suggest something that stands out and still coordinates with the rest of the exterior colours; think burnt orange, rich red, or deep navy. Choose latex exterior paint for weather-resistant coverage.

Attention-grabbing address numbers

Just like the perfect cabinet hardware or a distinctive faucet complete a kitchen or bathroom design, unique address numbers create a polished and finished exterior. And it’s never been easier or more affordable to find custom address numbers that match the rest of a home’s style. Consider offering something a bit unique, like spelling out the numbers instead of using numerals. For a more classic look that evokes quality craftsmanship, choose stencil stones. You can even have the client’s street name or last name engraved onto the stone.

Marvelous mailboxes

While most of us receive many of our bills and letters via email, snail mail remains inescapable. But, it can often be welcome if it’s a postcard from a friend on vacation or a cheque from the CRA. So, use the old-fashioned mailbox as a tool to help your client’s home stand out. A stone pillar with an inset box can be beautiful and classy, while a traditional post-and-beam mailbox can complement a rustic farmhouse vibe.

Attractive accessories and accents

Whether accompanying classic or contemporary designs, accessories lend an air of quality and eye-stopping sophistication. Stone veneer is an exterior finish material that naturally lends itself to incorporating accessories like corner stones, window surrounds and rosettes. Completely customizable, they’re a great way to help your client create a home that’s truly one of a kind.

Our line of Accessories contributes subtle, nuanced details to any project. With a variety of finishes and colours, they can help you complete a look for your client while personalizing and elevating the character of any home. Browse our portfolio section for creative ideas to add style with stone veneer accessories.