Stone and Glass – Meant for Each Other

It almost goes without saying that effective design is not just about shape even though shape can play a significant role in forming an initial impression. Shape can be dramatically enhanced and reinforced by both colour and especially materials.

Advances in materials technology have made it possible, as perhaps never before, for designers and architects to combine materials to stunning effect. The focus of our feature project this month is the combining of stone and glass.

Our example demonstrates a stunning use of glass both in terms of colour – a darker and lighter green – and area covered. Floor to ceiling coverage as well as strategically located pockets or segments of glass produce an amazing visual effect. This is further enhanced when considered in combination with its stone partner materials.

The stone, in this instance, is a combination of Shouldice Designer Stone Tapestry style in both Ultra White and Colby colours. The Tapestry style, with its smooth finish and beveled edges is the perfect complement to the overall contemporary design and extensive use of glass. The choice of white and grey stone provides the ideal counterpoint to the reflective green of the glass.

The highly selective use of the rusty-bronze accent colour running horizontally between alternating columns of glass and stone was a stroke of design genius that wraps this structure up with a distinct and appealing personality.

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