Stone and Metal – Strength and Beauty

In our last blog we talked about the advantages and features of designing with stone and metal. In this issue we have selected a single project to further highlight how well stone and metal work together – in this case for a school building.

It is always important that public buildings be functional and cost-effective. However, they must also be pleasing to the eye as they are major contributors to the reputation and legacy of the community. This school is an excellent example of how stone and metal can come together to produce a stunning result that any community would be proud of.

This building highlights the beauty of the blend. The metal façade features various blends of light silver to dark grey, primarily in the upper half to two thirds of the structure. Splashed of yellow and red colour provide the building with a contemporary and even youthful impression and appeal.

The stone element continues the beauty of the blend theme. The modern and sleek look of Shouldice Tapestry in a blend of Executive Grey, Pearl White and Dover colours introduce dimension, character and a sense of movement totally in harmony and balance with the contrasting metal elements.

Despite the perhaps predictable rectangular dimensions of this design, multiple offsets and height differentiations ensure that one will never become bored with any aspect. Add to that the creative use of stone in a range of physical dominance from minor player to star attraction and this metal and stone creation results in a thing of beauty for many generations to come to enjoy and appreciate.


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