Stone Enhances Design Features

Our feature project this month is more than a remarkable example of stunning architectural design. It also demonstrates how thoughtful design elements can enhance the traditional power of stone.

The primary feature of this home is Shouldice Residential Stone, namely the Estate Stone style, in the Hampton colour. This beautiful profile not only contributes an impressive appearance but injects real character to the overall design impression.

This powerful bearing is made even more apparent through the intelligent and tasteful application of several unrelated yet cohesive accents.

Beginning with the garage area, note the decorative wooden arch extending to the peak of the roof. This is complemented by a modestly curved, dark brick arch, immediately surmounting the door, and highlighted with a centrally positioned street number stencil stone. The row of four understated windows on each of the garage doors contributes an additional degree of class and sophistication.

As you turn your gaze to the front of the house you are met with an incongruous, moderately curved dormer roof. This variant, as with other features of this house, contribute style, character and undeniable visual appeal.

Perhaps the most interesting design element is the columned entryway. The temptation to place standard, stone columns throughout has been resisted. Instead, we see two square wooden columns each supported by pier caps on a base of stone as well as tall, foundational stone columns topped with pier caps and short wooden columns.

Throughout its over 70-year history Shouldice Designer Stone has been proud to take a leading role in the fulfillment of residential design visions such as this, as well as being a major contributor to many architectural projects across the continent.

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