Stone Meets Wood in Residential Harmony

Our first blog this month made the point that “stone and wood are arguably the most time-tested and resilient building materials in history.” and “from a residential construction perspective, combining wood with stone provides a wide spectrum of design possibilities ranging from classically traditional to ultra-contemporary.”

Our feature project, presented in this blog, brings these words to life in a persuasive and dramatic fashion. This design seems to beautifully split the difference between “classically traditional” and “ultra-contemporary”, exhibiting design features of both.

One’s attention is initially drawn to the rusty wooden siding that definitely occupies centre stage. It is made even more dominant by the striking contrast of black window frames, roof, eavestroughing, garage doors, main entry pillars and exterior lighting fixtures.

This would have presented a spectacular vision on its own, but the designer had the vision and imagination to introduce stone. The selection of a blend of Shouldice Estate Stone Hampton at 95% and 5% Norton was inspired. Hampton’s subtle, earthy tone differences throughout permit the stone texture to take a prominent role. Norton makes a defined statement with deep browns to black and heavy grey.

This colour combination allows the stone to soften the overall projection of the home and add a forceful and positive traditional element that permits the home to exude pleasing charm and personality. This is further enhanced and complemented by the natural setting, modest greenery, gravel driveway and large stone design features.

In summary, this is truly a triumph of well-considered design overall and a stunning confirmation of the ability of stone and wood to work in absolute harmony as they have for centuries.