Stone – Modern and Versatile

Despite having an ancient history as a building material, stone continues to make a major contribution to modern design. Part of the reason for this is the versatility of stone, as exemplified in this month’s feature project.

This contemporary design, clearly dominated by glass and complemented with aluminum, is given a bounce of real character and personality with the addition of stone. And not just any stone. This is Shouldice Architectural Stone, combining the Colby, Executive Grey and Dover colours.

And there’s more to this stone that make it such a stunning contribution to the visual appeal of this building. The Tapestry style is characterized by a smooth, clean finish, fully consistent with its glass and aluminum partners.

Additionally, the designer made a very conscious and well-considered decision to specify a narrow and linear version of this stone. This is not only representative of a trend in modern design but also creates a stunning effect when executed in the Colby, Executive Grey and Dover colour blend.

There really is no end to the versatility of stone in modern design. Mix and match colours, styles, shapes, finish and proportion to make a unique statement that expresses both function and creativity.