Style is Always a Winner

There’s just no getting around it. Great style is really impressive, by just about any standard. Our feature project this month shouts style from top to bottom and side to side.

From a materials perspective, this home is clearly dominated by the stone exterior that covers virtually the entire building, with a few tasteful exceptions. The stone is Shouldice Designer Stone Q-Stone in the stunningly rich Cambria colour.

Q-Stone features a distinctly antiqued rock face with larger stones than most products offer. These have been harmoniously blended into a timelessly rugged, yet beautifully unique design, enhanced by soft tans with occasional accents of light grey, characteristic of Cambria.

The stuccoed gables provide elegant, minimalist relief and contrast in both material and colour to the Q-Stone façade. The well-considered application of modest accents further enhances the overall impression of this stunning home.

For example, notice the faux, oval window surrounds applied to the stucco gables. Also, the modest keystones appearing over windows, large entryway arch, and garage doors. Finally is the pier cap crowning the Q-Stone framed exterior light standard. Together, these subtle accents work in refined harmony with the Q-Stone Cambia stone to produce a discriminating result that reverberates with style.

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