Our diverse selection of Super Sills serves to contrast with or conform to more prominent design elements according to your desire and creative style. The variety of available heights and profiles also allows Super Sills to be employed in an array of applications ranging from a window sill to a transition from stone to brick or any other siding feature.

224 Profiles

224 is our range of smaller Super Sills for applications that require only a modest or understated accessory statement. A large selection is available that includes seven styles and three textures.

424 Profiles

424 is a mid-range size option that provides for a more substantial presentation than 224. Available in five styles and two textures.

824 Profiles

For a more robust impression, 824 is the right Super Sills choice. Five styles and two textures offer selections to satisfy the most demanding requirement.

336 Rock-Stone Profiles

The 336 Rock-Stone Sill has been developed in response to the contemporary demand for a narrow and linear profile but with the character and legacy of a traditional and rugged face.

Super Sill 224

Super Sill 424

Super Sill 824

Rock-Stone Sill 336 -

Super Sills serve both a functional and decorative purpose as they add that impressive finishing touch to windows or act as a transition piece between building materials.