The Art of Multimedia

Using a single material to clad the exterior of a building can produce a beautiful result. However, coordinating the cost, placement, proportions and colours of multiple materials requires a solid understanding of both the aesthetic and functional virtues of each product and the vision of an artist.

Our feature project this month is a beautiful testament to how it can all come together in an eye-popping way.

This project is quantitatively dominated by metal in two colours, installed both horizontally and vertically over most of the upper half of the building. This establishes a highly contemporary theme featuring long, straight lines. The arched roof line provides real character and interest as it serves as a compelling contrast to the otherwise pervasive, linear elements.

Speaking of contrast, the application of architectural block is a dramatic divergence from the aforementioned metal work. The contrast is further emphasized with two fantastic colours. The inspired use of Shouldice Architectural Block in Chamois and Galaxy extends the overall linear aspect but introduces an undeniable warmth and comfort, integral to the overall appeal of this structure. The use of white grouting and sills adds cohesion to the entire design.

Despite centuries of tradition, or perhaps because of it, stone continues to play an essential role in contemporary building design. There is simply nothing like it and it’s a pretty safe bet there never will be.

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