The Beauty and Power of Counterpoint

Counterpoint is variously defined as an idea used to create a contrast with the main element or a theme used to set off or emphasize by juxtaposition. However you choose to define it, the primary role of counterpoint in design is to produce a final result that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

The accompanying images are a stunning and undeniable demonstration of an imaginative and obviously outstanding application of counterpoint.

Clearly, this contemporary design is dominated by glass. The rectangular glass panels perfectly reflect and complement the geometrics of the structure itself. So far so good. This is where it gets interesting.

The architect/designer had to conceive a way to provide relief to the overwhelming influence of glass but in a way that made the most of any materials combination. The solution was to balance the prevalence of glass with stone. Square, high colour contrast panels set the scene, primarily as large window frames.

The addition of Shouldice Tapestry architectural stone in the powerfully dark Colby was a style and colour inspiration. But the strategic placement was truly ingenious. As skirting, the stone offers both a horizontal foundation and balancing, colour counterpoint. The further application as vertical towers provide both visual appeal and a significant contrast to other facade materials.

This strategic and well-considered application of counterpoint has produced a compelling and impressive outcome that will be admired for years to come.

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