The Clear Voice of Stone

Stone is unequivocal. There is no “perhaps” or “maybe” with stone. It presents with clarity and certainty.

Our feature project is a case in point. One could easily associate “castle” upon initial view of this home. This is not just a function of size but rather an overall impression driven by the strength, power and bold voice of Shouldice Estate Stone in a blend of Bradford (90%) and Norton (10%) colours.

Bradford, with its characteristic random placement of distinctive rusty tones, complemented with lighter hues of sand then contrasted with the deep slate grey of Norton creates a voice impossible to ignore.

Virtually every other design and architectural element of this structure plays a secondary role to the primary player. Stucco, strategically placed, offers balance as the dark roof colour helps to enhance the contribution of the dark Norton stone colour.

The garage and main entrance doors reinforce the stately impression introduced by the Estate Stone façade as does the deeply pitched, gabled entryway canopy. The large, circular window above the main door provides additional character and sophistication. Entryway pavement stones and luxurious landscaping complete this symphonic composition with style and grace.

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