The Shouldice Product Family – Part 1

The Shouldice Designer Stone product family is a comprehensive collection, developed and refined over more than 70 years. The result is sufficiently extensive to warrant two blogs. Below is Part 1, focusing on an overview of our Residential and Architectural product lines. Next month we will present Charington, Precast, and Fusion Stone products.

Shouldice Residential products are comprised of five stone and four brick lines with up to nine colours from which to choose. We have the stone veneer products, profiles, sizes and colours to express your lifestyle. Live with Shouldice Designer Stone.

The variable sizes and shapes of our solid stone and stone veneer products will breathe character and dignity into any project. The Shouldice quality guarantee will give you confidence in a lifetime of reliable performance.

Shouldice brick products are manufactured to exacting standards to ensure reliable consistency in size, shape, colour, and durability. Whether you choose the standard sized MJ Brick Smooth or the sleek and contemporary Urban Brick Smooth, you can always count on Shouldice quality.

Architectural structures are here for the long term. They do more than serve as a covered enclosure. Our Architectural stone, with its broad selection of profiles, colours and sizes provides everything you need to create an enduring impact for years to come.

Variety is the spice of life! We have that covered with three distinct profiles to satisfy virtually any design taste or vision. Choose from the smooth surface and precisely beveled edges of Tapestry, the subtly textured surface of Tex-Stone or the traditionally rugged profile of Rock-Stone.

Shouldice Architectural Stone is available in nine beautiful standard colours and, if you are looking for something special, please ask about custom colour options.

For a more in-depth view of our Residential and Architectural products, please visit our website at or call us at 800.265.3174.

Next month, watch for our overview of Charington, Precast, and Fusion Stone products.