Unique Personality Born of Colour Blends

The primary benefit of teaming up is to gain access to multiple skills, talents, characteristics or qualities. Individual strengths may be formidable but partnering can enhance those strength and contribute flexibility.

Our feature project is a great demonstration of how colour blends can produce a uniquely compelling and appealing result. This unequal partnership of Shouldice Estate Stone in Brockton (95%) and Wiarton (5%) is an elegant blend of one dominant partner supported with the subtle nuance of a junior contributor.

The cool tones of Brockton are comprised of light browns and darker greys. Rich, dark and certainly elegant, Brockton presents low contrast overall which offers great versatility across diverse applications.

Wiarton exhibits shades of light to deep slate grey, just right for contemporary applications and super with dark accents. In this combination, Wiarton adds just a hint of contrast to give this house real character and personality.

The addition of stone window surrounds, keystones, sills, and pier caps enhance the already stunning appearance with the addition of sophistication and elegance.

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