The strongest attribute Shouldice products possess is The Lifetime Warranty.

Your complete satisfaction is very important and that commitment is reflected in our guarantee.

Shouldice offers a Lifetime Warranty for all its products provided the initial purchaser is the owner of the products, the products are used according to local building codes and the products are installed according to specifications and installation guidelines


Shouldice Designer Stone (est.1947) has built a reputation as the industry leader for Innovation, Quality, and Service. Our products exceed the standards of CSA A165 Series-04, ASTMC55-11, and ASTMC90-13 specifications.


The added inclusion of an integral water repellent and an organic colour oxide throughout the body of all Shouldice Stone products minimizes moisture penetration and efflorescence while ensuring colour fastness.


A guarantee of strength and performance on all Shouldice Designer Stone products is provided when used on structures that conform to local building codes and when installed in accordance to installation guidelines. Any product that proves defective will be replaced without cost, excluding labour.


The Warranty does not cover what we have no control over, namely building settlement, wall movement, contact with chemicals and airborne contaminants that may cause staining or colour changes to the product.