All You Need is a Little Inspiration

Your imagination can be set free with just a little inspiration. Whether your project is residential or architectural, the following images just may give you that seed of an idea you have been looking for.

What could be more inspirational than a calming pool and waterfall setting, including a feature wall constructed from Shouldice Architectural stone in the Chamois colour.

Here’s a home with a stunning contemporary design that has relied upon stone to lead the way. Shouldice Architectural in Ultra White was the perfect choice to establish a sense of both modernity and grandeur.

Inspiration isn’t just for homes. Here’s a commercial building with an up-to-date design that has combined the best of glass and stone to beautiful effect. The tinted glass is perfectly juxtaposed against the Ultra White of Shouldice Architectural stone.

There is no rule about the use of solid colours. This example irregularly blends the rich darkness of Shouldice Architectural stone Colby with the contrasting lighter tones of Executive Grey. If you are looking for impact, mix and match is the way to go.

Well-conceived material blends can produce a result that demands more than one look. This design combines dark wood tones with glass and Shouldice Ultra White Architectural stone in variable geometric sizes. The result exudes professionalism that demands admiration and respect.

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