Comprehensive Resource at Your Fingertips

Shouldice Designer Stone places great value on its over seventy-year reputation for excellent customer service. Part of that service is to ensure that our customers are provided with the most comprehensive and up-to-date technical information regarding all of our products.

The primary source for that information is our architectural binder that you can access online.

The online version is easily accessible, with just the click of a mouse. More than that, we have made the binder available as a whole and by each major section. That is:

This makes access to what you need quick and easy.

Another great advantage of the online binder is that its contents are current to the day. You can go online knowing that you will be receiving the most recent information available.

Not near your commuter? No problem – the binder is immediately available on your tablet or cell phone.

For more information about the Shouldice architectural binder and our products please visit or call 800.265.3174